Selling your home or condo

On this page we outline our sales process.  We believe it all begins with having a quality product to market and advertise.  In order to get the best results we offer real estate photos, drone pictures, video, matterports, and schematic floorplans at no cost for all listings.  All media production is done in house so we are able to control the speed, quality, and cost to make this possible.  This is the cornerstone of all of our digital, print, and social media marketing.

Real Estate Photos

In today's market, the first place a buyer looks is online. Having good pictures determines whether your house or condo for sale will get shown. Our photos are all HDR or High Dynamic Range, this is achieved by taking a bracket of five photos and merging them into one. No expense has been spared when it comes to cameras, lense, software, or computers. If you want the best results, equipment shouldn't be the limiting factor.

Drone Photos

In the past, it was cost-prohibitive to do aerial photography. This unique perspective allows a person to see where a property is, its surroundings, and nearby features such as the water or beach. Videos are also shot with drones and incorporated into our video marketing.  


This is one of the most exciting advancements in real estate marketing. Advances in technology have allowed us to produce high-quality, commercial-grade, immersive videos to market your property. To get the best result video is primarily shot at 4k 60 frames, this requires the fastest computers to process the large file sizes. We utilize Apple computers and Adobe software. When shooting the videos it is very important to have a stable platform so we use Ronin Gimbals and Manfroto Tripods.

Matterport Virtual Tours

These virtual tours allow a potential buyer to view your home or condo from anywhere. They can walk through and look at an immersive view to see what they want, not what someone wants them to see. The program also allows the prospective buyer to see in a doll house mode, and measure rooms and dimensions. 

Schematic Floorplans

  • These floorplans allow the potential buyer to see exactly how the space is laid out. We do not rely on property appraisers to tell us square footage, which is an important valuation criterio


While the market is constantly changing somethings will always remain important. Knowledge is what holds the keys to success in selling and marketing property. Some things cannot be taught, only learned through experience, and verified with a proven track record of success.


To create the best results, the best equipment is required, and must not be the limiting factor. We have invested in professional-grade Sony Alpha Cameras, G-master lenses, Ronin gimbals, DJI drones, Adobe software, and Apple computers. This enables us to produce top-notch media in-house. We can control quality, and speed, and meet or exceed the exacting standards of customers and ourselves.


Our marketing combines the knowledge and resources to market your property in an effective, targeted, and professional manner to potential buyers. This is done through digital, print, and social media. As a member of 4 associations (Central Panhandle, Emerald Coast, Tallahassee, and Gulf/Franklin) we can market to over 10,000 realtors through these portals.

  • Our website, having feeds from 4 MLS, has site authority for our region and is widely visited. By having wide exposure we get more eyeballs on your listing. Our database has thousands of customers who are signed up to receive new listings matching their search criteria.

About Us

Ben Alexander started his real estate career in 2003, working in Tallahassee, and started with college student housing. He moved to Panama City Beach in 2008 and obtained a broker's license in 2010. In 2016 he started writing mortgages as well to help facilitate the sale and purchase of condos. Ben is a member of four associations including the Tallahassee Board of Realtors, Emerald Coast Association of Realtors, Central Panhandle Association of Realtors, and Gulf Franklin Association of Realtors. This allows you to be listed and marketed to over 10,000 realtors throughout the Panhandle of the Emerald Coast. Ben is also a broker for Counts Real Estate Referrals

Cherie Alexander began her real estate journey in 1997 as a secretary for St. Andrew's Bay Realty which was later acquired by Arvida and Coldwell Banker. When Counts Real Estate Group was founded in 2006 she was the office manager and stayed in the position for the next ten years. In 2016 she married Ben and began selling real estate. In 2024 she was promoted to Counts Sales Manager for Panama City Beach.

Emerald Coastal operates under the umbrella of Counts Real Estate Group while retaining an independent mortgage brokerage. As a top team for Counts Real Estate in the past 3 years, they have produced $43,000,000 in production. Emerald Coastal maintains an office in Tallahassee in addition to the four Counts branches in 30a, Inlet Beach, Panama City Beach, and Lynn Haven.
Ben and Cherie have two young children, Landon and Cole. Cherie is President of the Bay Point Womens' Club and on the Board of Anchorage Children's Home. Ben is a member of the Bay Point Yacht Club and Krewe of Dominique. They enjoy boating and travel when time permits.